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At BPC we have always believed in tools and platforms that enable productivity and collaboration among teams and bring along further efficiency for the companies.

During the era of Digital Transformation, where technology rapidly advances and people need to keep up, adapt and evolve, so does Modern IT.

With the power of Microsoft SharePoint it becomes easier than ever for teams, either within the same office boundaries or remotely, to have a more smooth and straightforward collaboration on tasks and projects running between several departments. Agnostic of the hardware used, employees can now securely create, share, edit, get notifications and store documents and folders faster within a platform that is easy to explore and familiar due to the Microsoft interface.

As teams also evolve and young talent and millennials are the next hiring human resource, it becomes critical for any modern business to create such culture that allows continuous information provision via an intranet where data is securely stored and accessible. People need to feel vital part of any company to allow for their skills and abilities to grow but most of all, stay connected, focused and motivated. Providing that environment where processes are in place to help rather than become a blocker and time waste factor, is key to growth and future success.

Make your every employee a vital part of your culture and future development by investing in tools like SharePoint to enjoy an all time up and running smart IT environment that keep people happy to work within.

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Genesis Pharma

“BPC has greatly helped us with the digitalization and optimization of our compliance processes, through their SharePoint expertise and products. The whole team has always been very eager to help and provide further advise, in a timely manner. It is always nice to work with teams that can meet our high standards for professionalism and quality.

Servier Hellas

“With BPC Platform we managed to respond quickly to business requirements. A great tool with strong capabilities, enable to extract reports, to keep better monitoring and control following the local legislation and the global policies of our business. All these have resulted in keeping the Compliance in a high-quality level”.

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